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09 Jun 2011 08:35 AM

Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Sales And Marketing Compliance Conference July 18 - 19, 2011, Chicago

Throughout the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, there is a great demand for additional information and training on sales and marketing compliance. A number of high-profile compliance infractions by sales and marketing staffs from not only pharmaceutical but also medical device corporations have increased the surveillance by government officials on this industry, and companies are rightly concerned about maintaining tight compliance in their sales and marketing tactics. Unlike traditional conferences on this topic, the Q1 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales & Marketing Compliance Conference will bring together industry executives for not only presentations but also for small group networking, knowledge share, and break- out sessions. Through a cohesive program melding formal presentations, case studies, panel discussions, as well as workshops and hands-on training opportunities, this conference will provide a unique opportunity for learning the strategies and best practices of maintaining compliance in sales and marketing efforts.

One of the hottest topics for executives is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and how it translates into practice for healthcare compliance and off-label marketing. Understanding how to work with public officials, and the perspective of State Attorney's, the Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Justice is essential, and representatives from these government bodies will be on hand to discuss and debate their various perspectives. Fraud and abuse laws will also be discussed, as a number of recent litigations have increased the need to focus on maintaining compliance in this area.

The reintroduced Sunshine Act, and its increasing relevance for pharmaceutical and medical device corporations will be discussed during the conference, from a perspective of industry representatives that have had unique experiences with the revised act. Companies must understand how to effectively and appropriately respond to revisions in this act and recognize the ongoing impact it has on their organizations. As more...
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