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Anti-Diabetic Drugs.

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases nowadays and in fact, it is estimated as of 2000 that 2.8% of the world’s population is affected with this certain disease. The thing with Diabetes is that it may look manageable and ignorable at first but when the disease progresses and the body can’t seem to compensate with the root of the problem, many organs might be affected leading to multiple organ complications and even amputation, in worst cases.

Understanding Diabetes.

Diabetes is an endocrine disorder and it affects the areas in our pancreas that secretes Insulin. And as we are all aware of, insulin is a hormone necessary for the sugar content in our blood to be delivered or stored inside the cell where it should normally be. The problem with Diabetes is that there is little or no insulin at all, keeping the sugar stay within our blood circulation. And when this happens continuously, our blood sugar level will shoot up and might be fatal. This is why medical management of Diabetes is of utmost importance.

There are basically two types of Diabetes and these are treated differently at the onset of the disease. The Type I Diabetes, a more uncommon type, is a disease where there is no Insulin at all while the Type II Diabetes is a more common type where the body produces a little amount of insulin not enough to suffice the body’s demands.

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