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Cancer: What It Is and How It Is Treated?

Cancer is a devastating disease- it may affect not only to the person diagnosed with the disease but also to the people around him especially his family and loved ones. There are different types of cancer and each cancer varies with regard to the prognosis. Apart from that, each type of cancer also varies in terms of their treatment modality.

Diagnosing Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer is very crucial as early diagnosis of some forms of cancer is equated to a good prognosis of the disease. With the different types of cancer, there are also different ways as to how they can be diagnosed at an early point. For example, breast cancer is best detected early on through regular breast self-examination. The same goes with Testicular Cancer which can be detected early through Testicular Self Examination.

However, there are also some types of cancer which can be detected only when the mass or lump is palpable or obvious enough. Thus, regular physical examinations as well as radiologic exams (X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan) are important and should be done routinely to rule out malignancies.

Treating Cancer

There are different treatment modalities for cancer. While the most effective treatment for malignancies remain to be surgery, thus removing the diseased organ or area, there are also doctors which combines the different methods of treatment like radiation therapy, chemotherapy as well as surgery.

Chemotherapy is the most common method of treating cancer and involves the administration anti-cancer drugs via intravenous fluids. The most common drugs administered for cancer are Cisplatin, Adriamycin, 5-Flurouracil, as well as Bleomycin and Doxurubicin.

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