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A number of strategies have already been implemented in many countries today to prevent population explosion and one of them is through the use of birth control pills. These pills contain hormones such as estrogen and progesterone and are taken orally to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. If taken correctly, a birth control pill is said to prevent pregnancy by 99.9%. However, the said pill does not protect the woman from acquiring sexually transmitted infections as well as HIV.

How Pills Work?

Pregnancy occurs when there is a successful implantation of a fertilized ovum in a woman’s womb. Birth control pills prevent this from happening by either inhibiting the womb from becoming a welcoming place for implantation, or by changing the consistency of the woman’s cervical mucus, thereby preventing the sperm cells of the man to pass through and fertilize the egg cell. This can all happen by the action of hormones which are included in the said oral contraceptive.

These pills have to be taken on a daily basis and are taken for three weeks. The remaining week should be pill-free in order to promote the woman’s menstrual cycle. Some pill packages, however, already come in a form where the woman will be taking the pills every day without any fail- and the pills which are to be taken for the menstrual week are just placebos. This practice doesn’t make the woman confused as to when to resume taking the pill because she will not stop taking it even during the time she is menstruating.

How To Start Taking Pills?

It is important to ask your OB-Gynecologist when you could start taking pills. It is also recommended that you take the pills at the same time every day to make it a routine, i.e. before breakfast or at bedtime.

Also, if you forgot to take a pill, be sure to take it immediately once you remember it. If it has already been a day since you last took a pill, take two pills on that certain day when you remember it. After that, you should be back on the right track.

If you forgot to take the pills for three days, it would be best to consult your doctor. Chances are, you may be asked either to take one pill a day until the nearest Sunday and disregard the entire pack to start a new one or, disregard the entire pack right then and there and start another pack.

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills.

Just like any other drug, birth control pills also have their side effects when taken. Common side effects of this drug includes nausea and vomiting, weight gain, swollen and tender breasts, vaginal spotting in between menstrual periods, and the like. However, if you start to feel stomach ache, chest pain, severe headache, eye problems as well as swollen and tender legs, it is best to consult your physician as this may already indicate a serious disorder.

Taking birth control pills should be taken seriously as missing just even one pill can defeat the entire purpose of preventing pregnancy. Just be sure you do not miss to take it and always have a pack kept as a reserve in case you run out of it, or in case you badly need to start on a new pack.

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