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03 Dec 2015 09:35 AM

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a smoking secession aid and belongs to antidepressants intended for treatment of seasonal disorders and depressions.

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a smoking secession aid and belongs to antidepressants intended for treatment of seasonal disorders and depressions. Wellbutrin reduces smoking withdrawal effects and makes the secession process easier, but you still need determination and counselling support to break the habit.

Getting the most from the drug

Remember not to give the medication to the others without the doctor’s prescription, even if their symptoms are similar to yours. Before taking Wellbutrin talk to your prescriber on the interaction of the drug with alcohol, patients are always advised not to drink alcohol during the treatment.

Wellbutrin is a real way to give up smoking. If you continue smoking 5 weeks after the first drug intake than contact with your prescriber. Try not to miss appointments with your attending physician, the prescriber can change dose, check the progress and help you to avoid any side effects of the drug.

In rare cases Wellbutrin causes some side effects, try to avoid of driving or using any tools because the drug may cause dizziness or tired and weak feeling.

How to take?

Follow all the pieces of advice of your attending physician. It’s not recommended to take medication in smaller or larger doses and for longer than prescribed to avoid possible side effects. The pills of Wellbutrin must be swallowed, it’s contraindicated to chew or break them. You don’t have to stop Wellbutrin suddenly.

The treatment should be started by taking one pill daily for one week. Then the dosage may be increased to two tablets. Remember to take the drug with at least 7-8 hours interval. The patients are allowed to take tablets both before and after meal as the drug doesn’t harm liver or kidneys.

While taking the drug as smoking secession aid you may supplement the treatment with nicotine gums to help to break the habit.

Remember to inform the laboratory staff that you are using Wellbutrin if you are going to pass drug screening test.

Possible side effects

To exclude the possibility of allergic reaction contact your physician before taking the drug, inform him if you are allergic to any components of the Wellbutrin. If you experience first symptoms of allergic reactions, including difficult breathing, tongue, lips, throat swelling get medical help at once.

Depression may occur as main symptom of smoking withdrawal. Talk to your prescriber to avoid it.

Wellbutrin may have the following not serious side effects:

  • Insomnia. To avoid take the second dose of the drug at least 4 hours before the bedtime.

  • Headaches. Choose appropriate for you painkiller.

  • Dryness in mouth and throat. Chem gums or eat sugar-free sweets.

  • Dizziness. In case of this symptom avoid of driving or working with machines.

  • Acute stomach pain or nausea. Try eating smaller meals.

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