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12 Feb 2013 04:30 AM

Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Cialis Soft

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that today’s men are increasingly facing due to many factors. High professional and personal stress, lack of exercise and unhealthy food at some point may show its ill effects in men resulting in a lack of sexual ability leading to impotence or ED. But there are many medicines available in the markets that aresuccessful in treating this condition and giving back men their sexual ability to perform normally. Cialis Soft tabs is one such drug whose generic name and the active ingredient is Tadalafil. These medicines are also available under the name Tadalafil soft capsules and are responsible to relax certain areas of the body and improving blood flow to that region. Another aspect that Cialis treats is benign prostatic hypertrophy; it is a condition in which there is an enlarged prostate.
Tadalafil Soft must be taken under the medical supervision and with a valid prescription only. If you are allergic to Tadalafil tell your doctor or pharmacist beforehand will be beneficial to avoid any problems later. If you are on a nitrate drug such as nitroglycerin for chest problems, taking Cialis Softis not recommended as taking this combination of medicines can drop your blood pressure to a very low value which might be dangerous for the body.
Feeling nauseous, dizzy and having vision loss [rare] are some side effects that a person can experience with Cialis. If a patient experiences erection more than 4 hours it is not healthy for the male organ and cause damage thus complicating the illness.
The usual adult dose of Tadalafil Soft is 10 mg through the oral route which must be taken prior to any sexual activity. It must also be noted that this medicine must not be taken more than once a day. Other option is to take 2.5mg strength once daily without much dependency upon sexual activity and its timing. As soon as the efficacy and tolerability is known the dose may be altered or increased depending upon the requirement by the patient.
As we have discussed this is a prescription drug and must be taken exactly as suggested by your doctor. Never take less ort more than instructed. Swallow the complete tablet and do not break or crush it between your teeth. Store Cialis soft meds at room temperature and avoid any contact with direct heat or moisture.
Consumption of alcohol and other erectile dysfunction medicines such as sildenafil is not encouraged as it may cause interference with the performance of this drug. Grapefruit or its juice must also be avoided while on Cialis soft. Tadalafil Information on Side Effects
You must seek immediate medical help if you experience these serious side effects. These include vision changes, hearing and ringing of ears, irregular heartbeat, angina or pain spreading to arm and shoulder, convulsions, painful erection, fainting, swelling in lips, hands, feet’s etc. Some of the less serious side effects can also be experienced but that may go away as the body gets accustomed to the new drug. These are stuffy nose, warmth in the neck or face area, back or muscular pain, stomach upset etc.
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