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12 Feb 2013 04:27 AM

The Controller of blood pressure – Calan Verapamil

Verapamil used as chest pain reliever by the less flow of blood in to heart through coronary arteries. It not only lowers the blood pressure but also the electrical impulses conduction which controls the heart related diseases. The Generic name termed as Verapamil and the brand name sounded as Calan are mainly prescribed for chest pain and blood pressure. It is stored at the room temperature of 60 degree to 85 degree Fahrenheit in a tight container away from light, moisture, children and pets.
The advantages of Calan say:
1. It is used for the cure and deterrence of angina concluding in prevention of diseases related to coronary arteries and contraction as well.
2. Calan is one of the best prescribed medicines for the remedial of high blood pressure i.e. hypertension.
3. It controls atrial fibrillation i.e. abnormal rapid heartbeats and insufficient oxygen in blood carried to the heart which raises the stamina to exercise.
4. It prevents strokes and kidney difficulties.
5. Verapamil is commonly referred as calcium channel blocker because it relaxes the blood vessel for the trouble-free blood flow
The usual dose of 185-475 mg twice or thrice a day with food as prescribed by the heath expert can give you relief with the ups and downs of blood pressure. The medicine should not be used anytime in chest pains but only under prescription. It is suggested to take full course of the medication for better ailment.
When there are positive effects, there are negative too. The side effect of Calan includes:
• Weakness, nausea and dizziness
• Slow heart velocity resulting in excessive low blood pressure
• Headache, rashes and constipation.
• Heart failure for patients with pitiable heart muscles.
• Sudden increase in weight, swollen feet or unexplained tiredness
• Stomachache, allergic reactions and difficulty in breathing.
You are prescribed Calan Verapamil by your health expert not for the side effects but only for the benefit. Your medical history should be discussed thoroughly with your health expert. Doctor should know your liver, kidney, heart and muscle disorders. Overdose of the medicine should be immediately informed to the emergency centers. Missed dose can be adjusted as the skip is not that harmful.
Calan not only controls the blood pressure but irregular heartbeat conditions. Take care of the ingredients which can give you allergy while consuming the medicine. A long duration of intake of Calan may help you to recover long lasting recovery or either a slow closure will be preferable. Breast feeding infants and mothers should avoid taking this medicine as it may produce unfavorable reactions.
Swallowing of medicine is the best practice as chewing or crushing may release other ingredients. Drinking alcohol or grape juice should be avoided as it may result in amplify disadvantages of Verapamil. Sitting and standing slowly may prevent getting light headedness and drowsiness.
Calan Verapamil is the medicine which relives you from the heart diseases and controls your breed pressure as well. The advice recommended is to take complete check up and then only use the drug. Stay healthy and safe!
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