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10 Feb 2013 03:30 AM

Proventil – Control Asthma with a Simple Remedy

Proventil is a drug that is a prescription medicine that is given to patients having asthma issues. Patients with bronchospasms are also treated with the use of active ingredient albuterol in [inhaler] form. Other respiratory problem known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] has symptoms that include emphysema and persistent bronchitis for which this medicine has been successfully used by medical experts.
Proventil is a drug that comes inside inhaler but nowadays the new version is more environmental friendly case inhaler. This drug is also available for use in nebulizer. Currently Schering –Plough Corporation is manufacturing this drug.

How does Proventil function?

In a normal person air easily goes in and out of the lungs and the airway passage surrounding it, but in an asthma attack these air passages narrow down and squeeze in its size thus constricting the pathway for air. This medicine improves the movement of air through the lungs and also has shown some activity in managing mast cells present in the lungs which show an inflammatory response during an allergic reaction.

Clinical Effects of Proventil

Individuals with asthma attack when administered with Proventil began to show improvement in almost 15 minutes after administration, which lasted for about 4 hours. Proventil {albuterol} if taken 15 minutes prior to vigorous exercise can aid in preventing exercise induced asthma and its related symptoms.

Method of Taking this Drug

This medicine comes in the form that is put in an inhaler which is called as metered dose inhaler. If you have not taken this drug in a long time it is recommended to test spray it, by pressing and releasing some spray in the air. Before every use shake the canister gently. There is a proper method of using albuterol inhaler spray and requires little practice to use it efficiently. The aim should be to transport medicine to the lungs and not just spray it in the back of throat. To successfully accomplish this drug must be inhaled simultaneously while it is sprayed.
Many doctors recommend to keep the inhaler an inch away from your mouth while it is in is best to take instructions from a health care professional before you commence using it. In most of the sprays the capacity of a single canister is 200 sprays. If it is possible to keep a track of how many sprays you have used it is helpful to know the time when it is due for refill.
Before taking Proventil inform your doctor about medical history that may include ailments and diseases that are present in the family such as diabetes hypertension etc. If you are taking OTC vitamins, herbal products and supplements mention it in the medical history form. Also if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant inform your doctor so that alternative medicine or dosage can be adjusted.
Even inhaler medicine can have some side effects in an overdose occurrence such as nausea, chest pain, hyper or hypotension, dry mouth, palpitations, dizziness, indigestion, cardiac arrest, death [rare cases]. If you notice any such symptoms seek immediate medical help to avoid serious repercussions.
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