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10 Feb 2013 03:29 AM

Say Goodbye to Migraine with Depakote

Epilepsy, migraine headaches, bi polar disorders and similar ailments can be treated with the help of Depakote. The generic name for this drug is Divalproex and can be obtained with a prescription from your physician. It is also indicated to use this drug in cases of depressive manic symptoms and seizers that arise due to epileptic shock.

Mode of Use

Depakote must always be taken under strict supervision of a doctor. Use as directed and never self-medicate on such drugs. Obtaining it illegally [without a valid prescription] and consuming it may have serious repercussions on your physical and mental abilities. This is a drug that must be taken through the oral route. There are no restrictions about whether it must be taken with meals or not. Take as you feel comfortable but if you experience stomach upset after taking it, it is recommended to have it with food. You must swallow the whole tablet and must not crush or chew it between your teeth. Try to take it at the same time so that you don’t forget and there is a constant level of the active ingredient present in your body. Never skip any dose or take extra dose until directed by your physician. If you forget your medicine, do not panic; instead skip this dose if it’s time for your next dose and continue the regular cycle.
This drug mainly controls and stabilizes the nerve impulses and imbalance in the nervous system. It does so by managing the secretion of neurotransmitters by the gland present in the brain. If administered under proper medical supervision it has been used successfully to treat seizers where it acts as an anticonvulsant.


Store this drug in an area which is far from heat, moisture and light. It is OK to keep it in room temperature where temperature does not exceed 30C. Never store this medicine in the bathroom as the place is moist and can have adverse effect on its components. Keep Depakote (Divalproex) away from children and pets if you have any.

Side effects

When any new drug is administered it is quite obvious that the individual may experience some adverse effects. With Depakote (Divalproex) some of the common side effects are hair loss, headaches, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, sleeping trouble, nausea, etc. and will generally fade away as the body gets use to the ingredient.
It must be understood that the physician has prescribed this medicine because he has weighed that the benefits to your health are more than the risk associated. But in unfortunate events if you happen to experience these symptoms then you must seek immediate medical help. Call your doctor immediately if you experience chest pain, bleeding, irregular heartbeat, fainting, cold feet, swollen body parts, rapid and uncontrolled eye motion. Few patients have also reported depression and other mental disabilities along with suicidal thoughts when on (Divalproex). In such cases your guardian or caregiver must observe for any behavioral changes in your mood and thoughts. Last but not the least dark urine with constant vomiting is a serious side effect that requires immediate attention.
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