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01 Mar 2012 06:06 AM

A know-how to cholesterol problem, drugs ezitimibe, statin, medication-side-effects

Increase or decrease in cholesterol level in the blood can result in serious health conditions like heart diseases, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. If ignored, these diseases can prove fatal to life! So it is important to keep a check on cholesterol level to remain healthy throughout life. Here is where drugs like ezitimibe (Zetia) come to patient’s rescue. Certainly we cannot avoid cholesterol as it is produced in our body and is present in many foods like French fries, cheesy burger, egg, meat, milk, and all dairy products. The cholesterol produced by liver on daily basis is good enough to carry out biological process smoothly like building cell wall, producing hormones and digest fats by creating bile salts. It is tough to resist the temptation of cholesterol rich diet and adapt to veggies or fruit diet in daily food regime which help regulates cholesterol level in blood. The good thing you can do about to keep a check on cholesterol level to go for cholesterol check up every fifth year after 20 years of age.
If you are diagnosed with increased level of cholesterol you can take drug ezitimibe which lowers down the level of cholesterol in body. This drug is available in market in the name of Zetia or Ezetrol. There are many others anti-cholesterol drug available in market under the different brand name which can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood stream. They are namely statins, bile acid Sequestrants, fibrates, Niacin, Omega 3 fatty acids and combination of some medicine are used to control the level of cholesterol in the blood stream. The statins drug is marketed under the brand name Altoprev, lescol, livalo, zocor and the bile acid sequestrants are sellable with the brand name Prevalite, Welchol, questran. Other drug like fibrates is available with the brand name Antara, Lipofen, Tricor.
The knowledge of all these drugs like ezitimibe (Zeita) or statins and their brand name can be obtained from the physician or medical store. The important fact is one should not take these drugs without doctor’s advice as their intake leads to some side effects on patients body. The common side effects of all these drugs are gas, dizziness, constipation, indigestion, headache, nausea, stomach ache, fatigue, burping etc. One should immediately get in touch with doctor if any of the following warning signs like weakness, dark colored urine ,itching ,pain in muscles, weight loss, feeling tired than usual, pale complexion or yellowness in eyes is noticed in the patient taking any of the drug listed above. Effective health measure to regulate the cholesterol level in your body will includes careful steps like going for cholesterol test, discussing your health conditions with the doctor and then taking prescribed drug as per the doctor’s advice. It is important to keep doctor informed about patient’s health conditions like pregnancy or any disease he or she is suffering from or if the person is on medication due to his or her health condition while seeking doctor’s advice over cholesterol related problems.
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