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01 Mar 2012 06:06 AM

Ezitimibe (Zetia) is widely used combination drug

Are you facing health problems such as constipation, indigestion, headache, vomiting or tiredness very often? We often ignore such minor health problems considering them as result of work load or tension or sign of normal sickness or fever or so! But be aware they can be the warning signs of increase in the cholesterol level too! Rush to doctor and get your cholesterol test done. The good news is there are many drugs available in the market to regulate the cholesterol level at present, so there is nothing to worry about if you are diagnosed with rise in cholesterol level. Over the other known anti-cholesterol drugs Ezitimibe (Zetia) is gaining physician’s attention these days. Ezitimibe is available under the brand name (Zetia) in the market. Zeita is a tablet which can be taken orally and contains 10 mg of Ezitimibe and other inactive ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate NF, croscarmellose sodium NF, magnesium stearate NF, microcrystalline cellulose NF, povidone USP, and lactose monohydrate NF.
Ezitimibe (Zetia) works in a unique way by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from the food intake. It works mainly with the digestive track whereas statins works directly with the liver. The best part of Ezitimibe (Zetia) is that it goes well with your exercise regime and diet plan to control cholesterol. it can be taken alone or in combination with statins also. One must avoid its intake if he or she is allergic to any drug.
To get started with Ezitimibe (Zetia) is very comfortable as it can be taken anytime whether day or night. But to get effective result from this medicine dosage, you should follow the doctor’s prescription strictly and this focus on the dosage of Ezitimibe (Zetia) as it is prescribed by your physician as per the cholesterol test result and treatment plan. Once you get started with the Ezitimibe (Zetia) dosage you should consider the proper time difference in consecutive dosage of this medicine and should maintain regularity in your medication regime. To get quick result do make a diet plan which includes all those food that have low cholesterol or no cholesterol and also ensure to include exercise in your daily routine for better results.
The well known advantage of Ezitimibe (Zetia) lies in its intake as it can be taken as mono-therapy or combination therapy which means it can be taken alone or can be taken with the combination of other anti-cholesterol drugs. To explain combination therapy of Ezitimibe (Zetia) in a better way it will be good to mention that it can be used as a drug with other drugs like fenofibrate or simvastatin or homozygous sitosteoleminia. This advantage underlines its usage as a combination drug and highlights it as a widely use drug in the treatment of cholesterol problem. The common side effects of this drug can be headache and diarrhea in rare case it may result in hypersensitive reactions that is allergy. Generally 10 mg dose is recommended on daily basis.
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