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27 Feb 2012 05:29 AM

Role of Sildenafil Citrate and Other Vitamins in Enhancing Health of Men

According to the biological demands of human body, today, men should consider the consumption of vitamins. Nowadays, different people perceive the term vitamin in different way. The health supplement of vitamins may be perceived as having various types of amino acids and minerals to enzymes and herbs and large numbers of other nutrients. Therefore, it is essential that men should understand the actual meaning of vitamins and should consume only those vitamins, which would provide benefits to them. The men should understand that only daily diet is not sufficient for them to fulfill their nutrition requirements. This implies that men should seek for many other factors, so that they could select effective vitamin supplements, for good health of their body.

Vitamins of Citrate from Zinc

Zinc is considered as one among the essential components for health of men. This is because; Zinc has potential impact on the health of prostate of men. Citrate is one among the common types of zinc, which are used as vitamins for men. Because; of the effectiveness of Citrate of traveling directly towards the prostate, they can provide protection against cancer. Citrate referred to conjugate base of citric acid and alternatively, may be referred as esters of citric acid.

Role of Sildenafil Citrate in Treating Erection Problem of Men

Today, problem of erection in men has become one of the common as well as severe problems, occurring because of lack of vitamins in the form of Citrate. Erection Problem of men may be defined as incapacity of obtaining or maintaining erection of penis of men. This penis should sufficiently firm for men, in order to achieve sexual intercourse. However, today, most of the men are facing the problem of not achieving erection or may be losing their erections during their sexual intercourse. In addition, consistent incapability of obtaining or maintaining firm erection for intercourse is known as dysfunction of impotence.
The solution to this severe problem is to take pills of Sildenafil. The reason for this is that pills of Sildenafil have proved to be one of the best medications for proper treatment of erectile dysfunction. On 27th of March 1998, Pfizer pharmaceuticals have developed this bar-raising Citrate pill and have obtained approval from Food and Drug Association (FDA) of United States of America. During the period of 1999 to 2001, Sildenafil has highlighted an outstanding performance with total yearly sales more than $1 billion.
This revolutionary drug has brought a drastic change in the perception of society towards impotence and sex. Therefore, this article is suggesting all such men, to refer the pills of Sildenafil to cure their disease of erectile dysfunction and lead a happy life. In addition, Pfizer pharmaceuticals consistently launch publicity and advertisement campaign on erectile dysfunction for creating awareness among the worldwide men. Moreover, they promote their product of Sildenafil Citrate pills as effective treatments of erectile dysfunction. In conclusion, we should say that Sildenafil and many other Citrates have played vital role in enhancing the health of men.
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