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27 Feb 2012 05:09 AM

Zantac Tablets to Cure Gastro Intestinal Disorders and Ulcers

Zantac is another name of ranitidine. It is used to cure gastrointestinal disorders. These disorders are caused primarily due to deficiency of vitamin B 12. These disorders are seen in people above age of 50 years. Gastrointestinal disorders are seen in the form of stomach ulcers. The stomach in human body is a pouch that is made of muscles. These muscles grind and digest the food after being eaten. The gastro intestinal system of human body secretes digestive juices like pepsin and hydrochloric acid. These digestive juices mix with the food and help in digesting them by breaking them in simple form. Ulcer is seen in the gastro intestinal tract like a breach over the membrane of stomach. It is often seen as a small hole in the tract of intestinal membrane. Most common type of stomach ulcer is seen in the duodenum. This kind of ulcers is also called gastric ulcers. Doctors recommend medicines like ranitidine to cure disorders of gastro intestine membrane.

Symptoms of gastro intestinal stomach ulcers:

Stomach ulcers are seen in adults during a mature phase of their lives. Primary symptoms of ulcers in gastro intestinal tract are nausea, indigestion, weight loss and vomiting. A patient having gastro intestinal disorders like ulcers shows certain symptoms like pain in the abdomen. They also face loss of appetite. The most important symptom of ulcers is the presence of blood in the vowel during vomiting. Patients suffering from ulcers in their abdomen also suffer from anemia that is caused due to symptoms of red blood cells.

Primary causes of ulcers in the gastro intestinal system

Ulcers are caused in the stomach due to destruction of mucus lining in the gastric intestinal system. The stomach secretes a digestive juice containing hydrochloric acid. This acid breaks the components of food into simple digestive form. However excess secretion of digestive juice containing HCL causes inflammation and development of ulcers. During formation of ulcers in the digestive tract bacteria is also seen. This bacterium transmits infection of ulcers from one person to another. The infection of gastro intestinal ulcers is also transmitted through components like spoiled food and water.

Zantac to cure gastro intestinal ulcers:

Zantac is also known as ranitidine. It is used to cure ulcers seen in the gastro intestinal tract. It is seen in the form of tablets with powers of 150 mg and 168 mg. The components seen in Zantac are chemicals like dimethylamino and ethenediamine. Ranitidine is seen in the form of a tablet having a pale yellowish hue. This tablet is easily dissolved in water. It has a bitter and sulpur like taste. Every pack of Zantac has 300 tablets. Other important ingredients of ranitidine are magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and yellow iron oxide. Every tablet of ranitidine also contains hypermellose. The action of Zantac tablets is seen soon after taking it according to prescriptions of doctor. It is a competitive medicine that reverses the action inhibitors like histamine and gastric cells. These components act on the stomach mucus membrane and are present in the form of anti cholinergic substances.
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