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23 Feb 2012 02:58 AM

Chloromycetin Antibiotics to Cure Microbial Diseases

For many decades antibiotics have been considered as effective organic medicines. These medicines were first of all discovered by Alexander Flemming to relieve cattle from a foot disease called Anthrax. He discovered Pencillin to cure Anthrax seen in cattle. Today antibiotic medicines like Chloromycetin or Chloramphenicol are very popular among those people who prefer organic methods of healing. Antibiotics have been invented to cure infections caused by harmful bacteria and viruses. These microorganisms have troubled humans for hundreds of years. After invention of these organic medicines positive results were reported concerning cure of diseases caused by microorganisms of harmful species.

Everyone might have used antibiotic medicines like Terramycin and Pencillin. Many biochemical experts have used these medicines to cure harmful diseases that have bacteria and viruses as the root cause behind them. They have also invented some useful antibiotic lotions and ointments to cure skin diseases like scraps, cuts and other kinds of wounds. Other kin ailments like acne, pimples and boils can also be cured effectively by using above mentioned medicines. Let us study briefly about antibiotic medicine Chloromycetin or Chloramphenicol mentioned above.

It is an antibiotic medicine; it is used by doctors to cure certain diseases of blood, lungs and other types of infection. Chloromycetin is also used to cure anemia, dental ailments, deficiency of glucose, liver ailments, chronic diseases and some kinds of physical allergies. It is also used as a preservative. This antibiotic is to be taken according to recommendations of the doctor. It is in the form of capsules, it should be taken by patients after consulting the doctor. Chloromycetin can be taken two times a day during morning and evening. It will be better if patients take this antibiotic medicine with interval of 6 hours on daily basis. Capsules of this antibiotic medicine should be taken with a glass of water. If patients feel that their diseases are cured after taking Chloramphenicol then they should report about it to the doctor. This antibiotic should not be taken or used after getting cured from a concerned disease. This medicine should be taken according to strict instructions of the doctor to avoid allergic reactions in the body. Chloramphenicol is among those antibiotics that show its effect after 5 days of being used.

The capsules of Chloramphenicol capsules are to be eaten two times a day. They show positive effects if they are taken 1 hour before or after taking meals. This antibiotic medicine has been found very effective in curing a syndrome caused in dry eyes. Patients have also claimed that they got relief from eye injuries within less time after using antibiotics like Chloromycetin. This medicine has many other uses like curing diseases like photophobia. It also cures diseases like kidney cancer and kidney stones if used before reaching a fatal stage. Over dosage of Chloromycetin should be avoided as it can cause allergies in certain parts of the body.

Conclusion: Antibiotics like Chloromycetin also called Choloramphenicol can provide relief from certain diseases if they are taken according to recommendations of doctor.
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