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23 Feb 2012 02:55 AM

Indocin Helps to Cure Gout Pain

Indomethacin is also known as Indocin. It is an approved drug to cure body pain and strain in muscles. Doctors also prescribe this drug to cure some other problems like inflammation. Some patients have claimed that this medicine shows positive results in curing pain gout. It also balances the level of hormones in lower parts of human body. The main goal of using Indocin is to cure pain and inflammation. Indomethacin has been used for more than 30 years to cure body pain. It has bestowed benefits of pain relief to many people. Doctors readily suggest the drug of Indomethacin to cure Gout pain. Gout is caused in human body due to excess production of uric acid in human body. As a result kidney is not able to filter uric acid in the body. The left out uric acid mixes in the blood and causes disease of Gout. This disease is characterized by consistent pain. It is also characterized by formation of uric acid crystals. Excess crystals of uric acid cause pressure on the connective tissues in human body. In this way pain is caused in the body of patients suffering from Gout.

Know more about Gout:

Gout is also known as Podgra. It is a disease that involves attacks of inflammatory arthritis. Other symptoms of Gout are acute body pain and swollen joints. The big toe in legs of patients is badly affected in the disease of Gout. The disease is characterized by excess formation of uric acid crystals. These crystals are accumulated in tendons, joints and other connective tissues of the human body. Medicines like Indocin help to reduce fatal effects of Gout. These drugs reduce accumulation of uric crystals that get dissolved in the blood.

Benefits of taking Indomethacin:

Doctors suggest Indomethacin to cure Gout. This medicine is also suggested by them to cure certain type of body inflammations. It helps to reduce the formation of uric acid crystals in the blood. Besides using Indomethacin one should also change his diet to get relief from Gout. The medicine of Indomethacin should be taken according to prescribed dosage. It should be used on timely basis to avoid pain and inflammation that is often experienced in the condition of Gout.

Diagnosis of Gout:

Gout disease is often diagnosed in the form of classic podagra and hyperuricemia. Diagnosis of Gout is done by testing the quality of human synovial fluid seen in joints of the knees. X ray therapy is used to identify symptoms of Gout. Acute attack of arthritis in lower joints of human body is a clear symptom of Gout.

Dosage of Indomethacin:

People suffering for Gout pain should take Indomethacin with a power of 50 mg for 3 times a day. This medicine should be taken until total cure of Gout pain. After seeing symptoms of cure like less pain, patients should start reducing the dosage of Indomethacin. People suffering from Gout pain should take prescribed dosage of Indocin. They will feel relief from pain within 2-3 hours of taking the medicine.
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