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20 Feb 2012 03:09 PM

Control High Blood Pressure with

Clonidine is one among the popular medications available to us. This medication is used for proper treatment of various medical conditions such as pain conditions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, disorders of panic and anxiety and most significantly for treatment of extremely high and low blood pressure. Medical experts have classified clonidine as one among the centrally acting agonist of adrenergic or a2. Alternatively, most of the experts have proposed the hypothesis that clonidine mainly acts as one of the imidazole receptor antagonist.
Nowadays, people get easily attacked from any of these diseases such as anxiety and panic disorders, but disease of blood pressure has become one of the severe diseases among them. In fact, today, young people can get easily attacked from the problems of blood pressure. One of the solutions to overcome from the problem of high or low blood pressure is to have proper medication of clonidine. Today, most of the experts recommend for going through proper medication of clonidine, which is popularly available in market with brand name of Catapres. Therefore, this article has given prime focus about the applications of Clonidine and the way of using this medication for treatment of blood pressure.
Application of Clonidine
The medication of Clonidine is either applied alone or with many other medications for treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure. Decreasing of high blood pressure prevents various other diseases, such as preventing strokes, kidney related problems and heart attacks. Clonidine is one among the categories of drugs, which act in brain for decreasing the high blood pressure. This led to the relaxation of blood vessels and hence, facilitates easy circulation of blood. In addition to this, drug of clonidine can be used in case of hot flashes, in combination with menopause for eliminating the smoking habits of the people and in the form of withdrawal symptoms from drugs of narcotic departments.

How we Can Use Clonidine

We have to take this medication in oral form either with or without food. Mostly medical practitioners recommend inhaling the medicine 2 times on each day until the blood pressure becomes normal. However, the dosage of Catapres is solely based on the medical condition and its response towards treatment. The medication of Clonidine, which is popularly available with brand name of Catapres, should be taken on regular basis for obtaining maximum benefits from them. Moreover, the patients should take this dosage at the same time on every day. In addition, some of the patients of high blood pressure stop taking the dosage on regular basis, after they feel well. Therefore, doctors have suggested to continue the medication for some more duration after they start feeling well. In fact, we should not stop the medication course of Clonidine without consulting the doctor. On the other hand, excessive use of Clonidine is harmful for us. Therefore, we should suggest all the patients of high blood pressure that you should neither run out for Clonidine, nor skip any of its dosage. In conclusion, we can say that Clonidine is the best solution for patients of high blood pressure.
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