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13 Feb 2012 01:24 PM

Proscar – Effective in Treating Baldness in Men

Proscar [Finasteride] is a well-known drug that has gained success in treating male pattern hair loss. This medicine has been approved by FDA and must not be taken by women. Finasteride is the active ingredient that cuts DHT, a hormone that is the sole reason for hair loss in men. This hair loss is also referred to as alopecia in medical and scientific term. Earlier this drug was used to treat prostate related illness in men, but later its positive effects were observed for alopecia too.
Proscar has Finasteride that neutralizes the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and thus plays a significant role in maintaining its concentration in the body. Proscar has around 5mg of this ingredient along with other inactive elements. Alopecia in male affects the vertex region and gradually descends down to anterior mid scalp region. Till now hair loss in the temples has not been effectively treated with Proscar and studies are still going on for its positive outcomes.
Proscar is distributed globally by many pharmaceutical giants and is mostly a drug that must be obtained through a prescription by a doctor. Obtaining this medicine without a valid prescription may have some negativerepercussions as it will be considered getting this medicine illegally.

Important Information about Proscar

Females are not recommended to use this product. Finasteride must not be considered especially by women who plan to conceive or are pregnant because the active ingredient DHT can have adverse effects of the developing child’s sex organs. If by accident a female comes in contact directly with a capsule, she must visit the doctor for further action.
If the pill or tablet is not damaged/ destructed then there are unlikely chances that the women must have touched the active compound as the covering or the shell is made up of a differentcompound. Proscar can be consumed with or without food once a day or as prescribed by your doctor. Never self-medicate on this pill and consuming surplus tablet also won’t result into fast results. If you miss a dose never make it up by taking double dose. If the time for next dose is near then skip the earlier dose and continue to take your regular cycle drug.

Medical Data aboutProscar (Finasteride)

A study on a group of individuals was performed to evaluate the performance of his drug. Scientific date revealed that two amongst three men who were given Proscar restored hair and regrowth was observed. Men who were given placebo did not show any significant hair growth and reported to have lost hair count over the 5 years span.
Most of the patients approx. 90% obtained basically two types of results. 48% of the population under study reported to have regrowth of hair in a year’s span other half said that hair loss has been reduced and eventually stopped as the course of finasteride was continued. To conclude, Proscar is an effective method to treat male pattern baldness and helps in restoring hair and thus improving men’s health by improving their personality.
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