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10 Feb 2012 01:44 PM

Zovirax – A Popular antiviral Drug

Zovirax is the brand under which the generic drug acyclovir is sold. This active ingredient is a synthetic nucleotide that has the properties to deactivate and kill the herpes virus and similar range of viral agents. These are available in the form of capsules tablets and suspension form. In most of the tablets the active ingredient is acyclovir and the inactive agents compose of cornstarch, SLS, lactose, gelatin, FDA approved color etc. the ingredients may vary from brand and companies that manufacture them but the active ingredient remains the same.

How It Works

Viruses always require a host body to enter and start its life cycle and spread its virulence. Herpes and its related ailments must be treated by an effective anti-viral drug that will deactivate its action and stop its multiplication in the cells. Acyclovir has been made synthetically and is a purine nucleotide that hinders the in vivo and in vitro activity of the HSV virus of various types. Herpes simplex virus type 1, type 2 along with varicella zoster virus can be treated with Zovirax.
Acyclovir has a very specific reaction with the thymidine kinase enzymes that is present on the coat or shell of the HSV and VZV virus. Once the acyclovir starts to show its action then it becomes very difficult for the virus to replicate as the enzyme TK has been blocked by competitive inhibition by the acyclovir molecule. Also the viral DNA chain is broken or terminated and DNA polymerase is deactivated by the action of this drug effectively leading to destruction of virulent cells.

Precautions with Zovirax

It is always advisable to talk to your doctor in detail about your physical condition indicating how you feel and what other medical symptoms you are experiencing apart from the ailment. Also discuss your medical and family history especially if any hereditary diseases are present in your family. Tell the pharmacist or your medical advisor about the allergies or probable allergies that you might be having. Even if the active ingredient acyclovir suits your system the inactive ones can trigger an inflammatory response if they are being identified as allergens in your body. If you have weakened immune system due to HIV infection, bone or kidney illness or transplant, then administration of this drug may have serious repercussions.
There are some physical activities that must be discouraged when you have taken this drug. This medicine as such won’t make you dizzy but operating any kind of machinery or driving must be avoided. Alcoholic drinks are generally prohibited to allow better action of this medicine on the body.
Depending upon the type of ailment the dosage and frequency of this drug can be varied. Apart from this the age of the inflicted person plays a major role in the amount of this drug [Zovirax] that will be given to the patient. Such drugs must never be stopped abruptly as it may have adverse effects and can make the viral strain resistant for the treatment. Always consult your doctor immediately if you experience any serious discomfort when your course of this drug starts.
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