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08 Feb 2012 04:18 PM

Furosemide lasix

Furosemide commonly sold under the name of Lasix is a powerful diuretic used in medical procedures where high amount of salt and water is present in the body beyond standard levels. As we know kidney eliminates and filters the sodium chloride containing salt, other small molecules needed in the body into tubules from the blood. The excreted fluid is called the urine and the reabsorbed substance contains the salt and water which eventually goes back in the blood. If there is a situation such as high blood pressure, liver or kidney damage swelling and retention of fluid may occur where there is a need to increase the output of urine which will eliminate excess salt and water from the body. Lasix blocks the absorption of the salts from the tubules and increases diuresis. Generally the effect can be seen within an hour of oral administration. The output lasts for about 6 to 8 hours. If furosemide is given through IV route the effect is within 5 minutes but it lasts only two to three hours. It must be noted the dosage and duration of administration must be carefully monitored as excess depletion of salts and water from the body can onset a dehydrated condition for the body leading to further complications.
The preparation is available in 20, 40 and 80 mg tablets. Always take a valid prescription for this drug and discuss your other medical history with your physician. If you have allergies from a certain class of drugs or food substance let your doctor know even if it sounds silly to you. Any drug can cause a severe allergic reaction in your body leading to anaphylactic shock. This does not mean that every drug would pose a threat to your health but being preventive is always advisable. When taking Lasix (Furosemide) store it in a light resistant box. Liver cirrhosis, cardiac failure, edema, and kidney damage are amongst the most commonly conditions this drug is prescribed for. It is also given to patients who have hypertension and their body has developed a tendency to retain salt in their circulatory system.
Method of Dosing: Adults who are facing edema issues are given oralLasixtablets in the range of 20 to 80 mg in the form of a single dose. Until the desired results are obtained the dose can be re-administered after 6 to 8 hours under the supervision of a certified physician or nurse. The dose may needs to be altered the way the body or system is reacting to the active ingredient furosemide. In few cases 600 mg doses have also been given. In children the common dose is 2mg/kg.
An important note of caution if furosemide (Lasix) is given along with aminoglycoside antibiotics it can have a damaging effect on hearing. Not only antibiotic such as gentamycin, also other diuretic such as edecrin if given in conjugation can cause similar impairment of hearing in patients. Aspirin and Lasix both work against each other and compete to be eliminated in urine. In this case furosemide wins and leads to hold up of aspirin in blood leading to aspirin toxicity. Thus it must be noted that drug must be given under strict medical supervision.
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