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30 Jan 2012 02:37 PM

Stop Smoking with Bupropion (Zyban)

We all are aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health and smokers can even notice it on the pack of cigarette they smoke. Smoking is tough to get rid of. So to overcome this habit company named GlaxoSmithKline launched Bupropion with brand name Zyban for the smokers. Generally smokers used Bupropion to lessen the urge for smoking and the best was that it does not have nicotine in it. Bupropion excluded the use of electronic cigarette and also overdosing nicotine. Getting rid of any habit should be treated with proper medication and Bupropion did the same.
Quitting smoking through completely discontinuing makes tough for smoker to leave it. Rather it creates other symptoms like irritation, disappointment, depression, changing temperament, uneasiness and lack of concentration. Through this medication the urge and desire for cigarette lessens. When smokers want to stop or bring to an end from nicotine or tobacco it’s a process to be followed with a fixed date. One cannot abruptly stop smoking tobacco as then it becomes tough for smoker to wean himself from it all of a sudden. When a person is on Zyban, the urge for smoking goes off much easily as compared to withdrawal.
Usage of Zyban brings back the smoker in right track. One should try the combination of it with his smoking schedule so that it goes off easily. Target need to be set as then only one will try to reach its goal of quitting. This is all because it does not happen overnight and medicine takes its own time to react.
The dose varies with patient to patient though one needs to ask his doctor and follow his prescription. Mostly doses are like single tablet in a day for one week and then increasing it two in a day with a gap of 8-12 hrs like one taken in the morning and other in the evening which will automatically broaden the gap. This is to be continued for about two months and when on termination smoker would have quit smoking as doctor ask to discontinue it after 8 weeks. Though accomplishment is less and smokers return to smoking.

Side effects:

Insomnia: Lack of sleep
Mouth drying
Rashes on body
Pain in the head
Loss of appetite
Heart Attack
Less concentration
Chest pain


•Ageing person should avoid this medicine
•Functioning in kidney and Liver lowers
•Risk of Seizure or heart attack
•Hypertension (High BP)

One should avoid when:

Heart problem
Complain of Fits
Liver cirrhosis patient
Pregnant ladies
Breastfeeding mother
Person with appetite disorders
Patient in depression
Alcohol withdrawal person
Specified to adults only not for children below 18
Any allergic symptoms found one must stop medication immediately and consult the doctor.

Always remember:

To swallow the tablets/pills, avoid chewing or crushing
Stop if any allergic symptoms
Never exceed the prescription dosages
Avoid driving or operating machines.
To monitor BP (blood pressure)
Refrain from Alcohol
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