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30 Jan 2012 02:30 PM

Be worthy of a better erection with Vardenafil

Too much workload and stress have seriously affected the health of people. This stress directly affects the overall health of a person both physical and mental. Mental dissatisfaction leads to numerous sexual problems, erectile dysfunction being the most common one. So it is important for every man to keep his mind empty and free from stress and tensions while he gets indulged in sexual activities. Stress, anxiety, depression and guilt can be some obvious reasons of erectile dysfunctions. When there’s a problem, there has to be a solution for it. Vardenafil which is sold as Levitra is known to be an effective medication for the most common sexual malfunction i.e. erectile dysfunction.
ED was reported in 20-30 million men in the US and around 152 million 12 years back and the risk of ED is increasing with the advancement of today’s lifestyle. There are various reasons of this malfunction but mainly it has been divided into 3 major categories: psychogenic, organic and mixed. Though psychogenic reasons are either involved alone in ED or along with the organic factors in most of the cases of erectile dysfunction, organic factors are also responsible in majority of the ED cases alone. The organic ED is a result of hormonal, neurological or vascular pathologies or it may occur due some drug related issue. ED also occurs due to many others factors such as ageing in men, arterial hypertension, prostatic hypertrophy, ischemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and diabetes mellitus.
Although there are various local remedies to cure erectile dysfunction in men but they are not effective for long term and may cause ED to restore back. It can be injected or it can be oral. The fact is that there is no any satisfactory single treatment which can cure ED in an individual because the severity differs from individual to individual. Each individual has to be given a mixed treatment. Levitra which contains Vardenafil is a powerful and highly discriminating PDE5 inhibitor which shows assurance in the oral pharmacotherapy of Erectile Dysfunction. The drug Vardenafil has an advantage over other drugs that are used for the treatment of ED because it has less absorption time i.e. 0.7 hours or maximum 1 hour.
Studies and researches which involved the use of Vardenafil and placebo resulted showing that Vardenafil made the users to experience a better erection and a satisfactory intercourse as compared to the using placebo. The test was done on around 600 men and they were given 20 mg of the dose everyday for a period of 4 weeks. They were asked to consume it an hour before they wish for a sexual intercourse with their partners. As a result 80% men showed better erections and complete satisfaction after the intercourse. Vardenafil is also found to be efficient in men with ED of all levels of severity and it was also found active in men who were on dose of antihypertensive medications.
Before any treatment starts you need to understand the types of erectile dysfunction. It begins with a man’s psychology! As stated above in this article that a man who is mentally tensed cannot enjoy his sexual life to the fullest and can face such problem.
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