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28 Jan 2012 05:59 AM

Men’s Health- Cialis and Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of men’s health issues but one of the most disturbing for most of them is erectile dysfunction. In addition, this is a tough subject for men to bring up with their partners or even doctors. The good news is there are many drugs on the market to help rectify this condition. The drug we will outline here is Cialis. We will also discuss some of the other uses for the drug and some of the side effects associated with it.

Cialis Outlined

Cialis is a drug which works by relaxing specific muscles and increasing the flow of blood to a particular portion of the body which aid in the development and maintaining of an erection. This medication is also used for a number of other men’s health issues such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, a disorder that causes the glands in the prostate to become inflamed and enlarged. This drug which also goes by the names Tadalafil and Adcirca is also used for other conditions as well.

Unisex Use of Cialis

Because Cialis improves blood flow it stands to reason that it can be used for other conditions as well. One reason Cialis is often prescribed for weight loss, to both men and women, is to help increase their endurance in regards to exercise capacity. Typically this is only given to patients who have an underlying condition which prohibits them from being able to exercise for long periods of time, such as poor circulation and obesity. While this use is not as widely publicized for the drug, it is often used in these cases along with many other similar drugs.

Cautions with Cialis Use

As with any other type of medication, Cialis does have some counter indications associated with some other drugs. If you have previous knowledge that you have an allergy to Tadalafil then taking Cialis is out of the question. Additionally, this medication should not be taken if you are using some sort of nitrate to treat heart conditions or chest pain. For more in depth information on nitrates, consult with your physician. There are also some recreational drugs that should never be mixed with Cialis. Ideally, recreational drug use should be halted under any circumstance but especially if a medication which could cause deadly side effects is being taken.

Side Effects to Be Concerned With

If you should happen to develop nausea or dizziness while participating in sexual activity while taking this drug alert your doctor right away. You also want to pay attention to things like numbness, tingling in the chest, neck, arms or jaw. If any of the above things should happen while using Cialis, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. Obviously you want to report anything unusual that occurs while taking any medication.

Cialis Dosage and Signs of Trouble

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Cialis should never be taken more than one time a day. The correct dosage which is labeled for your use should never be exceeded. A full 24 hours should go by before taking the next day’s dose and always call a doctor if you should have an erection which does not subside within 4 hours. An erection which causes pain is also a very bad sign and should be addressed. While some men think this is funny and the issue has been the object of many jokes in the past several years, a 4 hour erection is no laughing matter as it could actually damage the penis.
Aside from the above mentioned, there are also a number of foods that might interact with Cialis. Always read the pamphlet the pharmacist gives you with your medication and ask your doctor any questions you may have.
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